Help Desk To-Do List

To-Do List is available from the Main Toolbar by clicking on the To-Do List icon.
To-Do List is a handy work assignment list, or order of resolution list for Staff Members and Agents.  Tickets that have been assigned to an Agent or Staff member in the help desk can be added to their To-Do List.  Help desk tickets have a ticket priority.  This priority may not be the order that work will be actually be completed or that tickets will be addressed.  The To-Do list allows specific tickets to remain on the radar until they are closed. The sort order of tickets in the To-Do list can be easily modified.  When managed properly To-Do lists add a level of transparency into Agents and Staff members current and next ticket resolution task list.
The To-Do list is extremely useful when tickets may take multiple days to resolve.  Administrators and Staff members can add tickets to and manage the soft order of tickets in a staff members To-Do list. As tickets are resolved or closed they are automatically removed from the To-Do list.
Help Desk To-Do List

Ticket Card

1. Ticket Card
The Ticket Card displays a miniature ticket summary. Clicking on the ticket card opens the ticket in the Ticket Details Panel

Ticket Originator

2. Ticket Originator
The user who is assigned as the originator.  This is  the user who opened the ticket.

Ticket Type

3. Ticket Type
The type of ticket is displayed here.  Standard help desk ticket types include: Task, Problem, Question, Incident.  Ticket types can managed in the Administration Settings under Ticket Types.

Ticket Preview

4. Ticket Preview
The first few lines of the ticket's text are displayed here.

Overdue Icon

5. Overdue Icon
If a ticket is overdue meaning that it's due date has passed an overdue Icon will be displayed at this location on the Ticket Card.

Ticket Status

6. Ticket Status
The status of the ticket is displayed here.  Ticket statuses can managed in the Administration Settings under Ticket Status.

Ticket Priority

7. Ticket Priority
The priority of the ticket is displayed here.  Ticket priorities can managed in the Administration Settings under Ticket Priority.

Ticket Product or Group

8. Ticket Product or Group
Select the Product or Group that the issue described in this ticket is associated with.

Ticket Subject

9. Ticket Subject
The ticket's subject is displayed here..

Ticket Number

10. Ticket Number
The ticket number is displayed here.  clicking on the ticket card opens the ticket.

Close Panel

11. Close Panel
Click the X to close the To-Do List panel

Current Date

12. Current Date
The current date adjusted and displayed according to the users time zone settings.

Remove Ticket

13. Remove Ticket
Click the "X" on the Ticket Card to remove the ticket from the To-Do List.

Sort Tickets

14. Sort Tickets
Click and drag on the sort tickets icon to cange the ticket sort order on the To-Do List.