Help Desk - Share Ticket Link

The features to Share public ticket link and Delete public ticket link are available from the supplemental menu button on the Ticket Details Toolbar. These features allow any ticket to be shared / un-shared using a ticket specific public link. 
Help Desk - Share Ticket Link

Copy Public Link

1. Copy Public Link
By default tickets are not available publicly.  By Selecting "Copy public link" you are instructing the help desk to create a public link if none exists for this specific ticket, and copy that link to the clipboard.  That link can then be shared with third parties that do not have an account on the help desk and ticket system.

Delete public link

2. Delete public link
The delete public link will remove any public link that exist for a ticket.  The ticket will no longer be able to guest users and the link will not return any results.

Guest Login

All public help desk ticket links require that the user either log in with an active account or select "Enter as Guest" on the login screen in order to access the pubic help desk ticket link.
Help Desk - Share Ticket Link

Enter as Guest

1. Enter as Guest
Third party users who do not have an account on the help desk and ticket system will need to select the "Enter as Guest" option in order to view the public link.