Reply to Tickets

To reply to a customer service and help desk ticket click on the Ticket Details Toolbar's Reply button.  The reply dialog area will be displayed in the Ticket Details.
Reply to Tickets

Text Style Menu

1. Text Style Menu
The text style menu allows the user to quickly format text by first highlighting the text and selecting the appropriate paragraph or heading style.

Font Bold and Italic

2. Font Bold and Italic
Bold and Itaclic menu options allow the user to quickly format text by first highlighting the text and click the approriate style.


3. HyperLink
Hyperlink allows the user to quickly add hyperlinks to the reply.

List Style

4. List Style
List style allows the user to quickly add bulleted and numbered lists to the reply.


5. Indentation
Indentation increases and decreases the level for list items.

Insert Image

6. Insert Image
Inserting an image icon allows the user to insert an inline image in the ticket reply.  For more information about inline images please ref to the inline image help topic.

Block Quote

7. Block Quote
Block quote indents the selected text in the reply an changes the font formatting so that the text is easily identified as a quote.


8. Table
The insert table menu item allows the user to quickly insert a table into the reply.

Show More Items

9. Show More Items
Show more items displays additional options that include Insert Media, Undo and Redo.

Drag and Drop or Browse for Files

10. Drag and Drop or Browse for Files
Files can be attached to a ticket using drag and drop.  Files dropped in this area are automatically attached to the ticket. Users can also click on the browse link to open a file explorer window and browse and select a file to attach to the ticket. Depending on the subscription level and options, the total allowed size of file attachments will vary. 

Record Your Screen

11. Record Your Screen
Users can click on the record your screen link to capture a screen recording of the full screen, selected application or window complete with audio.  The recording is automatically attached to the ticket.  To learn more about screen recording refer to the Screen Recording help topic.

Save Reply or Edits

12. Save Reply or Edits
Clicking Save closes the message Reply dialog and saves the reply as part of the ticket.  All users on the notification list will automatically receive a notification containing a copy of the ticket reply.

Cancel Reply or Edits

13. Cancel Reply or Edits
Clicking Cancel closes the message Reply dialog without saving.
Not all features may be available to all users.  Features and options depend on user permissions and subscription level.