Main Toolbar

Depending on the users privileges, subscription level the main tool bar location and its contents may change based on the device that is being used to access the ticket system, or based on the the size of the browser tab used to display the ticket system and help desk Dashboard. When accessing the ticket system from a desktop device with a standard sized browser window the main tool bar will be on the left of the ticket system Dashboard.
Main Toolbar
When browsing or accessing the site from a mobile device or a small desktop window the ticket systems main men bar will be on the top of the help desk dashboard.
Depending on on the current ticket system and help desk subscription level and the user permissions, different menu options, each accessible by an icon, will be displayed to the user.

User Settings

1. User Settings
The user settings are accessible by clicking on the users profile picture at the top or left of the ticket systems main menu. This menu allows the user to configure their help desk profile, preferences and settings. Refer to the User Settings help topic for more information.

Filter and Search

2. Filter and Search
Filtering and searching tickets is available by clicking on the Filter icon. A filter side bar allows the user to select the search and filtering options for the currently displayed view. Refer to the Filter and Search help topic for more information.

Ticket Dashboard

3. Ticket Dashboard
Ticket List sets the main view in the ticket dashboard to the ticket list view and displays all help desk tickets associated with or assigned to a user based on their permissions.

To-Do List

4. To-Do List
To-Do List opens the To-Do side bar and displays tickets in the help desk that have been assigned to the user's To Do list. more information about To-Do List please refer to the help topic.

Watch List

5. Watch List
Watch List opens the Watch List side bar and displays all tickets in the ticket system that the user is currently watching or has been assigned as a watcher.  Users who have been added to the Watch list for a specific ticket will receive notifications about that ticket and will be able to edit the ticket in Ticket Details.


6. Notifications
Notifications opens the Notification side bar and displays all browser notifications sent to the user based on the users notification preferences. you have multiple notifications pending you may have a notifications indicator visible on the tool bar with the number of notifications displayed.

Recent Activity

7. Recent Activity
Recent activity opens the ticket system's Recent Activity side bar and displays all recent activity that they are authorized to view based on their user settings. Recent activity includes activity on the help desk that has been performed by other users and provides insight into ticket activities performed on the ticket system based on time.

Consumer User List

8. Consumer User List
Consumer User menu option sets the primary help desk view to managing consumer users view where authorized users can create, edit and delete consumer users’ accounts.

Staff and Agents

9. Staff and Agents
Staff User menu option sets the primary help desk view to the managing Staff users view where administrators can create, edit and delete staff members’ accounts.

Company List Management

10. Company List Management
Company menu option sets the primary help desk view to the managing Company view where authorized staff member can manage companies and consumer users assigned to companies as well as assign products and groups to companies impacting what selections the companies users have when they create a new ticket as well as impacting the product and skills based ticket assignment options.

Groups and Products
List Management

11. Groups and Products
List Management
Groups menu option sets the primary help desk view to the managing help desk user groups view. The manage user groups view allows administrators to manage user groups to better control skill and product based ticket assignment.

Video Call and

12. Video Call and 
Video Call opens the video calling side bar and depending on subscription, third party video conferencing providers options and users permissions allows the user to initiate or schedule a video conference with Staff and Consumers users.


13. Tutorials
Tutorials option launches mini quick start interactive tutorials that help familiarize users with different ticket system and help desk functions.

Contact Us

14. Contact Us
Click on the Contact Us menu option to send a message to our support staff.