Help Desk - Ticket List

The Ticket List is available from the Main Toolbar by clicking on the Ticket List icon.
The Ticket List contains a listing of all tickets accessible for a specific user in the ticket system and is displayed in the ticket list view of the ticket system dashboard.  The ticket list can be filtered by selecting Filter and Search on the Main Toolbar. Bulk Actions can be performed on the Ticket List using the Action Toolbar. Ticket List also has a special Ticket List Toolbar at the top of the list. Other Dashboard list views include Consumer User List, Company List, Staff List, Product and Groups List.
When a consumer user was the last has replied to a ticket a notification icon will be displayed on the ticket list.
Help Desk - Ticket List

Ticket Owner

1. Ticket Owner
The ticket owner is the person who created the ticket, or who was assigned as the ticket creator by staff or an agent at the time a ticket was created. Clicking on the ticket owners name will open the Contact Overlay that displays information about the user and provides the ability to easily filter tickets, send an email, call or video conference with the user.  For more information about the Contact Overlay please see the related help topic.

Ticket Owners Company

2. Ticket Owners Company
A ticket owner's company is displayed when a ticket owner is an end-consumer and belongs to a company.

Ticket Date

3. Ticket Date
Ticket date is the date that the ticket was created.

Notification Icon Placement

4. Notification Icon Placement
When a consumer user was the last user to reply to a ticket, a notification icon will be displayed on the ticket list in the area demonstrated.  The notification icon looks lke a bell and appears next to tickets that may need attention.  Additional tickets besides those marked with an alarm bell may need attention; but the fact that the originator of the ticket was the last to reply is a good indicator that action by an Agent or Staff member is required.

Linked Ticket Status Icon

5. Linked Ticket Status Icon
A Ticket Linked status icon is displayed when a ticket is linked to one or more other tickets.  Liked tickets can have inter-dependancies.  For more information about linked tickets see the Linked Ticket help topic.

Ticket Type Icon

6. Ticket Type Icon
Ticket Type icon displays the ticket type.  Different ticket types display different icons.  Default ticket types include: Question, Feature, Incident, Problem, Question. Depending on the subscription level. Custom ticket types can be created in administrator. To learn more refer to the Ticket Types help topic.

Ticket Subject

7. Ticket Subject
The subject of the ticket that was defined at the time of ticket creation is displayed here.

Ticket Number

8. Ticket Number
The ticket number that is assigned to the ticket is displayed here. Users can jump to a ticket by typing the ticket number in the Action Toolbar.

Ticket Multi-Selection Checkbox

9. Ticket Multi-Selection Checkbox
The selection box allows the user to select one or more objects or records. Bulk actions can be performed on tickets by selecting tickets and then selecting an action from the Action Toolbar.

Ticket Content Preview

10. Ticket Content Preview
The first few lines of the ticket text are displayed here.

Ticket Type Icon

11. Ticket Type Icon
Tickets can be assigned different types.  Each type has an associated icon.  The ticket type icon is displayed here. To learn more refer to the Ticket Types help topic.

Ticket Status Icon

12. Ticket Status Icon
Tickets can be assigned different statuses.  Each status has an associated icon.  The status icon is displayed here. To learn more refer to the Ticket Status help topic.  Tickets with different statuses can be configured to display in different colors making it easy to identify tickets that need immediate action, or that have been resolved or are waiting on a customer or staff member.

Ticket Priority

13. Ticket Priority
Tickets can be assigned different priorities.  Each priority has an associated icon.  The priority icon is displayed here. To learn more refer to the Ticket Priority help topic.

Ticket Product or Group

14. Ticket Product or Group
Depending on on the current subscription level, products and groups can be used to group and assign tickets.  This includes automated skilled based and round robin ticket assignment. For more information see the Products and Groups help section

Ticket Assignment Selection Box

15. Ticket Assignment Selection Box
Tickets can be assigned to staff members manually.  The Ticket Assignment selection box displays the staff member or agent that has been assigned to a ticket and allows authorized users to change the assignment to another agent or staff member.