Help Desk Theme Generator

The theme generator can be used to set the primary color definitions used by the customer support desk and ticket system. 
Themes allow company colors and branding to be applied globally to the site to a branded end user experience. In addition to defining standard theme colors, both a standard and dark mode are supported. Depending on the user settings and subscription plan users can switch between standard and dark these modes.
Ticket Cards in the Ticket List are also assigned and display colors based on the Ticket Status. The colors for different statuses can be set in Administration settings under Ticket Status options.
Theme generator allows the administrator to define the standard CSS color options. Custom Style Sheet options are also available.  The Tikit.Info development team can design and apply custom CSS settings to any Tikit.Info help desk implementation.  To find out what additional options are available contact the Tikit.Info support team
General site feature availability is determined by the subscription level.
Help Desk Theme Generator

Header Background

1. Header Background
The header background color selection dialog.

Caption / Button Color

2. Caption / Button Color
The caption and button color  selection dialog.

Icon Color

3. Icon Color
The icon color  selection dialog.

Tool Tip Color

4. Tool Tip Color
Tool Tip Color  selection dialog.

Set Light Theme as Default

5. Set Light Theme as Default
Select the light or dark theme as the default theme setting.

Set Dark Theme as Default

6. Set Dark Theme as Default
Select the light or dark theme as the default theme setting


7. Save
Click the save button to save the theme changes and make them active.


8. Cancel
Click the cancel button to abort saving the theme changes and revert to current settings.

Theme Preview

9. Theme Preview
The Theme Preview are displays the theme generator's selected colors for real time theme visualization.