Linked Tickets in Help Desk

Linked Tickets can be created by linking existing tickets or by creating new linked tickets. Linked tickets are tickets with a relationship to another ticket.
Linking can represent an independent association or a parent child relationship.
Tickets that have a parent or child relationship impact the order in which tickets in the help desk must be resolved. Before a parent ticket can be resolved or closed, all child tickets must be resolved or closed. By creating the appropriate relationships between tickets users can impact work flow.
Tickets that are linked by association but do not have a parent child relationship can be independently resolved or closed.
A parent-child ticket dependency is demonstrated in the following example:
The task “New customer on-boarding” requires that multiple sub-tasks to be performed by independent staff members in order to physically onboard a new customer account. Lets assume that these tasks include 1) a new virtual machine being configured, 2) domain names services for the customer’s domain being configured 3) software applications being provisioned and installed on the new virtual machine 4) Customer access credentials being established and provided to the customer for accessing the virtual terminal.
First you would creating a new ticket “New Customer on-boarding” in the help desk
Next you would create 3 child tickets linked to the parent ticket. One ticket for each of the 3 sub-tasks that needed to be performed. You would assign each of the 3 child tickets to their “groups” and set the ticket type and priority.
Staff responsible for performing the sub tasks would receive notifications of the new tickets. As the work specified in each ticket in the help desk was performed and completed the tickets would reflect the change in status.
The parent ticket could not be set to resolved or closed until the on boarding tasks were all completed. All information related to the sub-tasks required onboard the customer would be accessible from the parent ticket. The customer or ticket owner would be able to easily see that there are sub tasks that needed to be performed as well as the status of the sub-tasks, but may not have transparency into the details of each sub-task or ticket.
Linked ticket dependency types:
The linked ticket icon displays they type of dependency for liked tickets. The child dependency icon displays an icon with the child ticket as red.
The parent dependency displays an icon with the parent ticket as red.
The independent link relationship shows only that the tickets are linked or associated with one another but that there is no ticket status dependency and neither the child or parent tickets are marked as red.