Internal Tickets in Help Desk

Depending on how the customer help desk and ticket system is implemented and the expected target audience for support services, many ticketing scenarios may arise.  Ticket system support internal ticketing in addition to supporting external ticketing and external users. 
Staff members and Agents may be consumer user facing, or they may be internal facing only. Internal users can originate tickets in the help desk the same as external users. Internal tickets can be assigned to other staff members or agents for resolution. This allows teams flexibility in how the ticket system is setup and configured and how tickets flow and are resolved.  The same ticket system can be used for internal and external tickets.  These is no need to maintain multiple ticket systems for different user groups or user categorizations.
Utilizing Products and Groups and assigning Staff members and Agents to specific groups.  Making those groups internal or consumer facing allows flexibility and control of the help desk communications.  Product and Groups can be used to control who get to originate tickets on specific subjects and who can be assigned and resolve what tickets.