Contact Overlay

The Contact Overlay panel provides additional information about the user and provides the ability to easily filter tickets for this user, send an email, call or video conference with this user. 
Not all features may be available depending on the subscription level and user permissions.
The contact overlay displays the users display name, company (where it applies,) job description, contact information including phone numbers and email.  The contact cart also displays applicable ticket filter and video calling icons that can be clicked to initiate filtering the ticket list and initiating a video conference call.
Contact Overlay

Quick Panel Link

1. Quick Panel Link
Clicking on a Consumer User' or Staff member's name will open the Contact Quick Panel.

Contact's Details

2. Contact's Details
The contacts details including Company and Job description are displayed.

Filter Tickets

3. Filter Tickets
Clicking the Filter Tickets Icon will filter the ticket list for all tickets from this user. The users contact information will be populated on the Filter and Search Panel.

Video Call

4. Video Call
Initiate a video conference with the displayed user.

Email Address

5. Email Address
On supported devices, clicking the email address displayed on the Contact Quick Panel will launch the users email client to send an email to the email address displayed.


6. Call
On supported devices, clicking the phone number displayed on the Contact Quick Panel will initiate a phone call to the number displayed.