Help Desk - Consumer Users

Consumer users are the users that will be opening tickets in the help desk and ticket system but are not users that will be assigned to tickets in order to provide a resolution.  These users are generally users that are asking for help or assistance.  There is no charge for consumer user accounts and each ticket system can have unlimited consumer users. Consumer users have different privileges than Staff and Agents. Consumer users can only see their tickets.  When Consumer users have been assigned to a company or division and the "Show all company's tickets" option has been checked on the Consumer User Details, the selected user can see all tickets for the Company or division. Consumer Users are not the users that are providing the help or assistance.   Staff and Agents are users who will be providing assistance to other Staff members and Agents and Consumer Users. Agents and Staff members members may also open tickets, however their primary role in the help desk or ticket system is to provide assistance to other users and to resolve other users tickets.
Consumer users may be users form within the company or organization subscribing to the help desk.  They may also be from external companies, organization , or general users not associated with any company or organization.  These external users are entities that have one or more issues that they need have resolved by you. Because theses users will not be  will not be assigned  to or resolving tickets they are referred to as Consumer users   because they will be consuming support services.  This allows a wide variation of implementation scenarios for the customer service help desk and ticketing system platform.  See Ticket System Basics for more information on how the customer support desk and ticket system can be used in any company or organization.