Activity Panel

Activity Panel is available from the Main Toolbar by clicking on the activity icon. A user's visibility of the Activity Panel may vary based on the subscription level and user permissions.
The Activity Panel shows ticket system and help desk activity for all events performed by users on tickets in the help desk. The Activity Panel highlights and sorts tickets based on their last activity.   Each entry can be expanded to see additional actions or activities that have take place on the displayed ticket. Additional activitiy entries can be displayed on the Activity panel by clicking the Show More button.
Activity Panel

Activity Date

1. Activity Date
Ticket activity is grouped and sorted by day. Multiple days can be displayed by clicking show more.

Ticket Number

2. Ticket Number
The ticket number that activity occurred on.  clicking on the ticket number opens the Ticket Details.

Modification Date and Time

3. Modification Date and Time
The date the date and time that the activity was performed.

Date and Time

4. Date and Time
The date and time that the activity occurred adjusted and displayed according to the user's local time zone settings.

Activity Description

5. Activity Description
The description of the activity that occurred.

Activity Date

6. Activity Date
The activity date displays the date and time when the ticket was modified or activity took place on the ticket displayed on the activity list.

Show More Activity

7. Show More Activity
Clicking show more will display the activity for addition days.