Get organized and increase productivity.

Tikit.Info help desk and ticket system is designed to get your team members organized and increase productivity. With a better user interface, clearer ticket visibility, more features and lower learning curves, your customer help desk and internal task closure rates will soar.


Increase your staff's productivity with tickets for each task. Maintain clearer ticket and issue visibility. Automatically assign tickets to groups or specific staff members. Prioritize the order of task completion.


Create and Manage tasks using email or the web interface. Increase task visibility on desktop and mobile devices. Keep your staff productive no matter what device they are using without requiring mobile applications.


Prioritize issues, increase closure rates and overall productivity. Organically introduce results driven satisfaction across your organization. Positively impact customer service, staff member, manager and stakeholder performance.

How much does it cost?

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"Tikit.Info makes every employee more productive for the price of lunch."


Get started for free. Create and manage tickets using email or the dashboard. Up to 25 users. Free SSL. Assign and resolve tickets, Set priority and status.


As an added bonus receive access to all Premier and Executive features for 15 days. No credit card required.


Automated ticket assignment, product groups, custom theme, screen record, split tickets, linked and child tickets, undo, smart ticket search, activity logging and much more.


*per agent per month. Billed every 6 months. As an added bonus receive access to Executive features for 15 days.


Everything in Premier plus your domain name with SSL and access to multiple video conference integration options to boost image and productivity.


*per agent per month. Minimum of 5 agents. Billed every 6 months. Multiple 3rd party video integration options (free and paid) are available.

How does it benefit your organization?

Tikit.Info is a comprehensive customer service help desk and ticket system for internal and external tickets. The ticket system provides an effective platform for tracking and resolving internal and external tasks and issues that directly impact productivity and satisfaction within and related to your organization. Customers receive answers to their questions and have their issues resolved faster. Internal staff members and agents have visibility into their task assignment, work load and tasks priority with the resources and information required to complete their tasks quickly.

Customer Help Desk

Customer and staff can submit help desk issues, associate issues with a product or business unit and assign to staff members for resolution.

Internal and External Task Assignment

Track and resolve any issue with both customer facing and internal task assignment and issue tracking.

Better Management

Use for tracking any type of task, issue or work assignment, define dependencies, collaborate with customers, staff and third parties.

More for less

More for less

Stop paying for premium feature bundles because your team requires standard functionality like multiple products, custom roles, round robin ticket assignment, linked and child tickets, custom domain and SSL certificates. Our ticket system offers premium features with our standard subscription levels.

Integrated Video Conferencing

Integrated video conferencing increases your teams productivity through collaboration. Create one-on-one or group conferences, invite customers, schedule calls and share conference links. Integration with FREE and paid video conferencing providers is available.
Integrated Video Conferencing

Better Workflow

Better Workflow

Automatically assign tickets to specific users, groups or round robin. Add tickets to staff to-do lists and assign ticket precedence. Create child tickets, linked tickets. Even create internal tickets and assign them to consumer facing or non-consumer facing staff. Increase your teams productivity and simplify both customer service and internal task assignment.

Solve Problems is packed full of features that will aid you in providing better Customer Service and organizing your internal task assignment. We originally designed Tikit.Info to improve our own customer service levels and increase our team member's productivity while making it easier for our customers to do business with us. Now your company can have the same benefits and productivity increases when you implement Tikit.Info. Each feature of the ticket system is designed to solve specific problems in the real world.
Solve Problems

Free Training with Live Support Agent

Free Training with Live Support Agent

We are currently offering free one on one training for new customers with a live customer agent. For a limited time you can video conference with a live customer service agent and learn how Tikit.Info help desk and ticket system will make your organization more productive. During the training session you are free to ask questions and concentrate on specific areas you need help with.

Data migration

Switch from another ticket system and import your data in the administration tool. Do not be locked in to an overpriced plan with fewer features. Please feel free to contact our support staff and find how we can migrate all of your historical data into Tikit.Info help desk and ticket system. After importing you can even view and edit historical tickets using the old ticket numbers!
Data migration

Important Features That Increase Productivity

Tikit.Info ticket system and help desk is packed with features that make your team more efficient and effective. Increase productivity, accomplish more tasks, track issues better and become easier to do business with.